Friday, February 3, 2012

a simple gift

It's the simple gifts that I must be on the look-out for.Keeping to my resolution, and despite the fact that my most faithful reader will not comment,I strode down to the floodplain again for a look around. It  was overcast and not much bird activity but there is color here and someone should witness it.

As I strolled around ,poking leaves,I came across a large, dirty green bottle.We have had alot of rain and who knows what creek that feeds into the river had this floating in it.I tapped it, sure that it was plastic but quelle surprise,it was heavy pale, green glass.Well now,how would that look all cleaned up with a sprig of something rooting in it?So now it is in my kitchen window,looking so lovely; don't be jealous.

In looking for color I found the pale green buds on a holly,the deep red of a seed pod on the forest floor and my green bottle.Seek and you shall find and in this pursuit, my mind clears.

In 1968,the monk Thomas Merton wrote:.."as I walked on the brow of the hill at sunrise saying the Little Hours...the crows listened without protest ...we are part of a menage, a liturgy, a fellowship of sorts."
How lovely and apt.

There are many troubling family issues swirling around in my brain right now and there are only two places where I can move over,or step into, a different place of mystery and truth;prayer and my woods walks.They are really the same.


Ryan said...

A thought came to me as I read your post again, the green glass bottle.. a vessel.. in which to fill at this point with your choice... much like your need to choose how to handle your family situation... maybe your asking how to fill "your" vessel may provide you a way forward...
I truly love coming here.

Blessings my friend

Missy said...

We need a photo of the green bottle. :o) Been thinking of you since lunch the other day. So hard, but I know you will lay it all down at His feet.