Tuesday, January 31, 2012

no words

There could not be two more different people in the world then my friend Kris and I.We are of different generations, politics, beliefs but there is some purpose,beyond joy, to our connection that will be revealed in time.She follows my blog and inspires me with her photography and her glorious smile.Because of her,and her generous heart,I started writing.She and my son dated for a few years more than a decade ago and here we were having lunch together last week.

Kris married her deeply loved fiance'last January and in June,on a business trip to New York,at the age of 32 he passed away leaving her bowed but unbroken.When we visited the couple in Puerto Rico in March of that year and had Sangria and laughs,I never guessed that she would be moving back to Atlanta soon after.Did her spirit know that she would soon need family and friends?

Matters of faith never enter our conversations so I was greatly surprised when I found myself asking this question,"Where do you think that Kris (her husband)is now?
She smiled and said that both she and Kris are non-believers,they are scientists and she thinks that he is gone,nowhere, and she is fine with that.We discussed Near Death Experiences and eventually left and hugged good-bye.This is what happened the next morning.
....From Kris:"I woke up this morning and found myself drawn to my bookshelf.My hand reached for a poetry book that I flipped open to a random page...and this is what I read:

Soaring Song

Yes-even after my death
you shall not escape me.
Re-incarnate,I'll follow you
in the eyes of every hawk,
every falcon,vulture ,eagle
that soars in whatever sky
you walk beneath
all the earth over,
yes-and when you die too,
and follow me into that deep
dark burning delirious blue
and become like me-
a kind of bird,a feathered thing-
why,then I'll seek you out
ten thousand feet above the sea;
and far beyond the world's rim
we'll meet and clasp and couple
close to the flaming sun
and scream the joy of our love
into the blaze of death
and burn like angels
down through the stars
past all the suns
to the world's beginning again".Edward Abbey


Garnette said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Abbey poem. Tears of gratitude.

Anonymous said...

This poem is the closest thing that I have found that describes how I feel for Katie, so I borrowed it. :-)