Monday, January 2, 2012

the color red

Today,I added a small red Christmas ornament to my prayer altar as a reminder of what my call is to be in 2012.I am a person that needs reminders because I can easily slip into thoughtless living.2012 is an unopened package and I don't want to waste it.

My previous post spoke of red and this morning a brilliant, shining male cardinal landed on the frozen water in the bird bath as if to say,"Don't forget".It flew off before I could even smile.

There are a few special blogs that I read every day for sustenance.One writer,Ryan, suggested, after reading my yesterday's post,that we both look forward to the red of 2012,thus the ornament.His beautiful writing on Current Ripple has, more than once, led my thoughts deeper.This is how the spirit world works.

So,in the spirit of hearts,I called an old friend from 2006, the year that we spent in South Carolina directing a retreat house.She and her husband were travelling so I wrote a letter that I hope pleases her when she returns.This beautiful Englishwoman was a tower of strength and wisdom when my sister was dying.She took my sister,who she had never met,into her heart when she meditated each day and out of that she was able to help me tremendously.Sylvia,a perfect name for a crystal-like gift on the path.

When I ponder these words;"Let not kindness and fidelity leave you;bind them around your neck"(Proverbs 3:3),I see the warm fuzziness of a red scarf as the binding.I need visuals.


Ryan said...


Thank you for the shout out, but I am a HE not a her. sorry, I thought you knew my friend.

Ryan said...

Forgiven? no need my friend.. no offense taken.. write on!

Missy said...

I have never known you to live thoughtlessly. Mostly I know you to think a lot about what you can do for others. It's nice that you share this though-makes me think of what I will do for 2012.