Thursday, January 19, 2012

startling bright day

Who among us deserves a day like today ?It was 32 degrees when I bundled up with many layers,a blue knit hat and black gloves.Off I went in the silence of our subdivision ,walked and then ran for a half mile.How exhilarating!I came back with achievement written on my brow and more energy then when I stepped out.

I missed going back to the river because of other things to be done, but maybe tomorrow.The other day on the way back from my private retreat on the log,I was within five feet of stepping on a sunning curled up cottonmouth.Would this be the thing to keep me from going to my new prayer spot overlooking the Flint?I called my son in Pennsylvania and he sounded disappointed that I would let this stop me.He said,"I have stepped on at least two and they won't bite unless you stand there.Wear boots", and I will.

When we first moved here, I used to go out in the canoe by myself and drift around for hours,enjoying the peace until so many people told me it was dangerous.Why?You might fall out, drown, encounter snakes and on and on.Blech!!!

Today, while reading Thomas Merton,the Trappist monk's, writings I found this:"I need very much this silence and this snow.Here alone I can find my way because here alone the way is right in front of my face and it's God's way for me-there really is no other".That is what I was trying to say the other day.


ladydi47 said...

This is absolutely you Sharon...beautiful! Hugs

Missy said...

God is bigger than the snakes!