Sunday, January 22, 2012


I follow a lovely blog called the 60 Second Sabbath.Some of the writings are so inspired and imaginative that I just sit in awe as I read.The pictures that Dirk posts are also a free gift given-just so beautiful.Today's post was about dying of tenderness and as I read I thought of times when I might have given tenderly.

That November afternoon of loss and sadness,I sat in my sister's hospital room,her leaving foretold.She ate very little and it was difficult for her to find comfort as all her bodily functions were failing.That afternoon, she requested that I feed her some cool,red jell-o.I think it soothed her somehow.Privileged,I began slowly to spoon some into her mouth and with each feeding,I whispered a prayer.She smiled and we connected over this humble act.It was simple,long overdue tenderness.

In Honduras, on a mission trip in 2003, my job was to prick fingers for a diabetes check.It seemed to me that many of the people who came had little gentleness in their lives and so as I swabbed the finger I caressed them with the cotton ball in a soft manner-that was all I could do.

I think of my granddaughter's soft cheek kiss and "I love you,Nana" and I melt
inside.The other day at Mass, a friend who sat behind me,who I haven't seen for awhile,rubbed my back before we began.What a gift gestures like that are.

We feel tenderness towards others and it is also an act we can chose."He is like a shepherd...gathering lambs in his arms,holding them against his breast".Mt.40:9-11
Have you felt that?It may have been delivered by someone else.

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Missy said...

Thank you for this reminder to show some tenderness-it's not so hard!