Friday, January 13, 2012

oh ,my,............

I keep bumping into the story of Steve Jobs's,the co-founder and CEO of Apple,dying moments.He was surrounded by loved ones and as his life was slipping away,he was looking above them and kept saying,with no explanation:"Oh,My"...over and over.

Why does this intrigue me?

Perhaps because I keep encountering stories of near death experiences.I first became aware of this phenomenon years ago with the Raymond Moody books,in which the author documents interviews with people about their experiences after they had been declared dead.The tunnel, light, calm and peace.Not all experienced this but many.

Today,on Facebook was an interview with the former Chairman of the Art Department at Northern Kentucky University.I had read his book,"Descent Into Death," a few years ago and it is riveting.He died in a Paris Hospital and describes in vivid detail what happened next and it wasn't pretty.

This witness comes right after my friend Wes described his experience of deep calm and peace and hearing an unknown voice telling him to go back after he had died.I think that because of modern medicine, this happening is becoming so common that it is called just NDE.

The interviewer asked the former professor if it all seemed like a dream.I was struck by his answer."No,this is the dream.What is there is more vivid ,concrete,more real."
He got teary(this experience was many years ago)when he related that, because of this experience, he knows that God is about Love and wanting our love and nothing else.He is now a United Church of Christ minister.

I wonder about all this.My friend,Wes, was a non-church goer;Howard Storm,the professor, was an athiest and Steve Jobs wasn't a believer that I know of.What did he see?


Missy said...

I am wondering that too.

Anonymous said...

what he saw was heaven there is no wondering what he saw in his final seconds of life was beyound words he was stuned at what he saw an only the words oh-my could describe his vision ,that no living human being could describe
< amen >

sharon graham said...

Aon,I love what you wrote.I believe that as well.There are so many signs of His Love, we just have to open up a tiny bit and it lays before us.Thank you so much fo commenting.