Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sit and open the door

In silence is the salvation of the world.In deep connection with the scared space within is the end of useless yearning.At peace with the trees bare around me.At home with only the rustle of the leaves.Watching,waiting in silence,I utter one holy word to bring my mind back to empty silence.And in this intention, a slight misty movement happens that is beyond my mind.An unseen,unheard ,invisible filling happens that is not noticed then ,only later.

I started Centering Prayer five years ago, drawn by a newsletter available on a retreat.I hold it in my hand right now,a treasure,a key to a life altering gift.Any movement on my part to be a more loving,accepting being,I attribute to this practise that comes down to us from the first Christians and is found in many other religions.

It is simple and requires no books or great intellect,just the will to be open to the movement of the Spirit.

There is such a hunger for this type of prayer although one may be unaware that it even exists.Do you desire silence,peace,solitude,goodness and a deeper awareness of God's presence?You may be hungering for this discipline without knowing it.I once held a teaching at our church on Centering Prayer and the room was packed which is unusual.Hunger.

"The longer you meditate,the longer you persevere through the difficulties and false starts,then the clearer it becomes to you that you have to continue if you are going to lead your life in a meaningful and profound way."John Main

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Missy said...

Interesting. On your bench?