Thursday, January 12, 2012

winter sun

The barely yellow sliver of sun is going behind some bluish clouds in the distance.The trees are waving in the cold wind and this is the beauty for today.
When I look out my window in that direction, it is as if I can see forever and the clouds are far away mountains.At their feet is the Flint River,unobserved in its passage.

I didn't expect to find beauty in the Goodwill store where I look for books but at the check-out was the most delightful sound granted to man.A small boy of about five was playing with a wheeled toy and each time it whirled away from him, he broke out in sheer contagious happiness.

And if this was not enough, a sixty year old Chinese photographer,Keren Su, spent his winter days crawling out on the ice of a group of Eastern Canadian islands and spent enough freezing hours to bless us with the attached photo.A friend sent this.I guess it was his beauty for the day and now it's ours.Can you keep from smiling back?

What beauty did you find today?


Missy said...

Today what I find beautiful is the fact that I can sleep in tomorrow and have no plans whatsoever for the day. WHOOP! Hoping to make some delicious wheat free pancakes and sip coffee and then see what the day brings.

Missy said...

Also, yes, I did smile back...what a great photo!