Sunday, January 1, 2012

what color are you today?

Are you sitting there exhausted in your robe of frumpy,dumpy,lazy brown?Are the special holidays over and you are thinking dark blue thoughts of loss or boredom?

What color are you today?

The New Year inevitably brings my thoughts back to 2011.How would I rate it? Will 2012 be better or worse? What did we lose last year;a job,a love, friend?Why is it always loss?

What color are you today?

I thought of all this while at Mass.I sat up front and was taken with the vibrant red of the forty plus poinsettias that lined the altar.The huge Christmas trees were bedecked with large shining red and golden globes.Such grand colors for so joyous a season.

Red is the heart color,that beating organ of care and love.It draws the eye and the soul can't help but warm.Red is the color of the aura around my husband when,once a week, he visits an elderly Army vet who is a shut-in.This soldier fought in WWII and now is mostly alone,his wife having passed away years ago.They laugh and tell Army stories and the time passes.

The Salvation Army kettle is red.

In February, we will send small Valentine cards to the many widows that we know whose hearts must ache on that day of love no longer here.One friend told me how excited she was to get a valentine when she never expected one.

So in the New Year, if what Lincoln said is true,that we all are about as happy as we choose to be,we can choose our own color each day.

What color are you today?


Ryan said...

Happy New Year Sharon...
I loved coming to this place in 2011, a warm cozy spiritual retreat from what was definitely a "black" 2011. Bless you for the words... all these words which clarified and lifted and caressed this battered soul. I look forward to the "red" of 2012, the colour of love to replace the darkness of the last 12 months.

Keep on my friend, and keep well.


Missy said...

I had a lot of blue in 2011, the mood, not sure of the color. Hopefully 2012 will be full of wonderful vibrant moods and colors!