Thursday, February 23, 2012

I wish I wasn't afraid

Journal notes ....Flint River...02-23-12

I wish that I wasn't afraid of snakes.I wish that I wasn't afraid.I must admit that going to the river sometimes scares me .Today, as I approach the log/desk in my abbey,a cottonmouth left my spot and squirmed into the river.It was 73 degrees in Georgia and sunny so I knew they might be out.I wish that I wasn't afraid.

I sat for awhile enjoying the changes that have taken place.The trees across the river are all topped with red, a strong wind is creating ripples as never before.There were ten brown bumps on a log across the way;turtles basking in the sun.

The colors of this warm February day are ruby red leaves,white clouds hurrying,pale pine green,beige sailing leaves,blue sky framing.There are brown seed pods dangling from a fine round tree across the river;the stiff breeze stirs them with the sound of a clacking wind chime.I never noticed them before today.

With my mind empty of worries and open to the silence that is all there is ,I received this:"Love Me,love Me,love only Me.I am your true companion,gently guiding you to Love,eternal Love which is your all My endeavors,what do you have to fear?My hand is right here for you-hold it always.See it holding yours:this is all that matters.
Tell others: this,here, is temporary......
Holy,I am.Holy, you are.Holy ,the Earth,the journey.Live it abundantly,joyfully with love and the fruit will come.Peace in your heart.My calm and peace as a gift to you in all things."

And so I tell you of this because I am supposed to ,with love,for your peace.Yes, it is scary by the river.


Margo said...

I can hear God's words through your writing and your pictures. Thanks, Sharon.

sharon graham said...

Thank you,dear friend.