Wednesday, February 15, 2012

do I pass the test?

There is a new show on this season called "The River".A group of ten people are travelling on the Amazon River in a rickety old boat, looking for the father and husband of two of the characters.It's  pretty scary and I am glad that I have someone to watch it with.

Last night on The River,the crew were sleeping in tents in the jungle and felt they were being watched.One of the travelers knew that they were in the territory of the Morcego,who watch all who enter and see if they pass the test.It seems their test is about how selfish you are.The crew awakened to varying degrees of blindness and stumbled back to the safety of the boat.The creepy mushroom colored,short,blind Morcegos followed.The travelers locked themselves in cabins and finally, when it looked like they will be attacked,one of the characters unlocked his door,lurched out into the passageway and yelled for the Morcego to take him and leave the others alone.At this, the creepy aliens leave the ship.He passed the test.

I thought of this because of something that happened when we went to a Thai restaurant for St.Valentine's dinner.As we ate, I observed a party of five ,deeper in the restaurant.The older greyhaired woman in the group had her back to the door and the younger man and two other women faced towards our table.We were nearly finished our meal when the door to my left opened and in walked a blonde girl aged 4 with a bouquet of yellow roses.Behind her, a girl of about five with a simliar bouquet and then finally their black haired young mother.They quietly walked towards the older woman and tapped her shoulder gently.When she turned around,she gasped ,jumped up and hugged the three in tears.Not a dry eye at my table either.

I went over later to the table to congratulate the grey haired ,smiling lady and she said that her granddaughter had driven from Michigan, with her great granddaughters,to surprise her on Valentine's Day.I had to hurriedly leave the table before breaking down in front of strangers.Michigan granddaughter,St.Valentine and the Morcegos would be proud..


Missy said...

What a great surprise for her!

kris spikes said...
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kris spikes said...

What a sweet story! I also got an unexpected Valentine's surprise in the mail today. Thank you... :)

Anonymous said...

The River seemed a little far-fetched and scary so I turned it off (last episode prior to this one). How clever of you to see beyond the 'ugh!' and catch a deeper, positive meaning. That episode in the restaurant must have been very special to behold. We all need to think outside ourselves and find someone to say "you're so special" to. Thanks for the challenge!

sharon graham said...

Thanks for your comments,friends.

Anon,it felt like a "hold out your begging bowl" moment from the beneficent Hand.I think they are all around and I just have to look and report.Thanks for dropping in...I need it...sha