Sunday, February 5, 2012

expressing God

Journal Notes the river

..drifting grey bark,sun streams,white clouds in the water.Nothing to disturb,you've left it behind you.Here,the log,water and stillness.

This gift to you ,freely given.It can be found anywhere you turn your mind to Me.I am peace ,richness,growth.I hold all about you in my creative hand and share it with your pen,paper,camera.It all goes through the filter of your soul, out into the world for My glory.

The crow and mistletoe serve a purpose-to enliven and bless the planet that you have been give.The crows caw and fly past the tree with the mistletoe and they fly purposefully. 

Come often to your sanctuary.

The white sun moves towards the trees on the other side of the river and the breeze gets cooler and rustles the beech leaves.They,my companions and the wren. I work my way home and remember something that Emmet Fox wrote: "Man's destiny is to express God in all sorts of glorious ways. To express means to press outward,or bring into sight.Every feature of your life is really a manifestation or expression of something in your soul."


Anonymous said...

So well said dear friend! I agree with your quote. On my post as crossing guar last Friday, two of the children streaming past were sad looking. We chatted and one revealed that 'I got fired from safety patrol'. This was a job he loved; he loved wearing the AAA badge and sash that distinguished him My heart went out to him and I wanted to hug him (not allowed to touch students). After giving him a LifeSaver and encouraging him to 'share the good feeling of being a patrol by letting another boy have a turn', he left with a smile.
The other student, a girl, was one of three in her class (of 22) not invited to a classmate's birthday party. The atendees were being picked up by limos (dear God, really???) and taken to the party. How cruel that must have been to the 3 left out! Again, a Lifesaver shared, time chatting and encouraging her to forgive and forget, and she went off feeling happier.
What a privilege to be allowed to express God's love to kids like these. What a joy to have that Love as my very own ! I love my job (: Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good!

sharon graham said...

Wonderful,lovely sharing.Thank you for showing God's love to the little ones.....and to me....Love-Sharon

Ryan said...

Would you do me the honour of writing a post for Current Ripple? A guest spot?
Blessings friend..

sharon graham said...

I would be glad to,Ryan.How would that work?Blessings on you...sharon

Ryan said...

Sharon, email me at and we can work out the details. I would love to have you quest post for me!